Day 14 & 15 – Partying & Relaxing in Bangkok

The tour officially finished with a night out on Khoa San Road famous for being full of backpackers and locals alike down a huge strip of restaurants, bars and clubs. As you walk down the main road / strip you’re offered various delights such as scorpions and ‘ping pong shows’. To note – when they mention ping ping shows they make the funniest popping noise. I’ve been told to avoid them as I’ll supposedly never be able to eat a banana ever again. There is also nothing better than racing 4 Tuk Tuk’s back to the hotel in the early hours of the morning on the empty streets of the city. It was like the Asian version of the Italian job. 

Our farewell meal
Exploring Bangkok nightlife
The nightlife gets the seal of approval
I decided to book my flight for Monday rather than going straight away. After being on the move and constantly travelling around, it’s nice to soak up a bit of sun and relax in the city for a few days. Today has been the sad ending where we’ve said goodbye many times to everyone leaving for home or continuing their travels. Over the weekend more of us will be leaving and I’ll be the second to last to leave on Monday morning. 


Relaxing in the late afternoon
It certainly beats most London parks!
 In Bangkok we explored the Chatuchak markets which are absolutely huge. We managed to get round three sections in about 2 hours and there were something like another 17 to do. But with the 35c heat it really drains you so we ended up making our way to a local park which is absolutely stunning and headed back to the hotel to get ready for another meal out to wave off another friend at night. Tonight is the quieter farewell for the few of us still here before others depart tomorrow and I get an early night to head off the next day. 

Being in the hotel which is like the base for many tours in SE Asia, I have met so many people in the past 2 days who are starting and ending their journeys and absolutely love how one day by the pool you can meet so many different people to the next day. So far the majority are London based and 3 people who live in Sheffield. One of which who works for Lloyds the same as me. What a small world! 

For the very last day I did a bit more tourist sightseeing before packing this evening ready to head to the airport tomorrow. One of the many places I visited was the Erawan shrine where the terror bomb shook Bangkok last August killing 20 people. You wouldn’t be able to tell that anything had happened there but out of all the shrines and temples this one was most surreal. 


Erawan Shrine, the location of the terror explosion last year
Bangkok smells like sewage but it’s a great city and had many hidden gems. To finish off the evening I headed to Lumphini park and ended up stumbling across an open air concert. 

This is it now for the daily blog. A summary will follow in the next few weeks! 

Day 12 & 13 – Ziplining through the jungle and arriving in Bangkok!!


Ziplining through the jungle
 Today was a day that I had planned since back in January when I started looking into travelling to south east Asia, every other day has been quite free reign but I decided to fork out for an experience called flight of the gibbons where you complete a few hours worth of zip lines and ariel assault courses while brushing shoulders with gibbons jumping from tree to tree in the jungle. It really was one of the most ultimate experiences and hopefully the pictures speak for themselves!


In the jungle
In the afternoon everyone went off to do their own thing so me and JP went to have a look at a few temples around Chang Mai and ended up coming across something called ‘Monk Chat’ where we could sit down with monks and ask questions about themselves and Buddhism. It’s something I have been wanting to do for the entire trip so we went and introduced ourselves and sat down at a table and got talking for a good half an hour asking questions and understanding more about their daily lives, the 5 key rules, how you become a monk and the list goes on. At the end we asked for a photo which they were more than happy to be in!! 


Chatting with monks
We had a walk back to the hotel where the group were meeting ready to get an overnight sleeper train to Bangkok where it signals the beginning of the end for our adventure. For some in the group – they started in Bangkok and went all the way around Cambodia and Vietnam before getting to Hanoi where I started. So i already have ideas for travel next year to complete the full 3 sections to the Indochina discovery route. What I have covered amazingly is only 1/3.


The sleeper train
Today is our last day together as a group so we’re off out to the famous Khao San Road in Bangkok where all the travellers go for a farewell meal and a last big night out. Tomorrow some people head back home to their countries and other continue their travels across the globe.


Navigating Khao San Road
Exploring Bangkok
I’m staying in Bangkok until Monday and thankfully a few of our group are doing the same over the weekend. The hotel we are at is the central base for all GAdventures tours in Bangkok so there are several huge groups, some of which I had a chance to meet earlier and talk about where they’ve been and where they’re going. There’s a nice mix in the hotel of people finishing tours (like us) and people who have flown into Thailand this morning and have an incredible adventure ahead. 


It has been a pleasure to meet this amazing group
This will be the last daily post for these travels across south east Asia. Once I’m home and managed to sort out the 800+ photos I’ll write up a final summary of the trip and reflect on some of the best bits and may chuck in the not so best bits that I didn’t really mention in the blog. 
and i will miss being in paradise
To think it started in Vietnam and we have travelled across 3 countries – it’s been an amazing time and I will definitely continue to travel to meet amazing people and have amazing times. For our group – a lot are travelling through Europe this year so London meet ups are definitely on the cards for catch ups and reunions! I’m glad to have met such an amazing group of people and had the most amazing tour guide – tOm tOm all along the way that it really has made he whole experience. 

Thank you tOm tOm for being an amazing guide and introducing me to Asia!

Day 11 – Thailand and Ladyboys

Last night we arrived in Thailand and stopped in a small town called Chang Khong where we went out for another group meal. A few of us decided to go and find a bar so we followed signs for a British pub and ended up trawling through dodgy back streets and alleyways until eventually finding a nice little place. We ended up meeting some other backpackers from Holland, Germany and Spain who were all travelling the world. Not just Asia. We ended up having some shots together and playing some pool. The walls were covered in writing from the past few years from travellers all over the world. There were a few quotes which I really, really liked!

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer
This morning we headed to Chang Mai and visited the white temple along the way. The afternoon consisted of a bike ride from a local tour guide here who showed us around his village in the countryside.  


the white temple
compulsary GoPro selfie
  This evening we headed out to the local markets or otherwise known as the bazaar. Had an evening meal then went to watch a ladyboy show which was absolutely hilarious and great fun. Our guide for us front row seats and table service. I have some decent photos from the first 15 minutes but many of the videos and photos we all have are definitely NSFW from the rest of the show. If anyone has me on Snapchat – you’ll see what I mean!


Before the ladyboy show got NSFW
Tomorrow I’m heading into the jungle with another traveller to do a day of zip lining and high ropes with Gibbons so very much looking forward to that. 

Tomorrow evening we have an overnight train to Bangkok where the tour ends so we will all be having a massive night out to all say goodbye to the family we have created over the past 2 weeks (and almost a month travelling for some of the group). Luckily I’m staying a few extra days in Bangkok and a few others are as well so we will explore what it has to offer and relax after an action packed trip before flying home next week. 

we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us